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Michael Hutchison – Mari Smith Credibility Live


My Profitable Facebook Marketing Interview with Mari Smith


Mari SmithI was excited to have my friend Mari Smith (@MariSmith) talk about The 5 Keys to Profitable Social Media Marketing on a recent CredibilityLIVE event brought to you by my friends at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.

Mari (as in turquoise blue Ferrari!) has been an active leader in social media since early 2007.

Her latest book is The New Relationship Marketing: How To Build A Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using The Social Web (Wiley, Oct 2011) and she’s the coauthor with Chris Treadaway of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day  .

Here’s what the media says about Mari:

In this episode, Mari took questions from audience members and shared some great insights into making social media marketing profitable.

If you weren’t able to watch the full live event, I’ve got a short video highlight of what Mari had to say below. Mari is wonderfully engaging and talented and you’ll enjoy watching this interview!

After listening to Mari, how are you keeping your business engaged with customers and prospects via Facebook?  Please, use the comment form below!


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