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66 Days to FOCUS + LOVE + GIVE

Michael Hutch has been on a mission for over 2 decades to build a better world.  A world where people are passionate about finding LOVE in their business FOCUS so they can thrive and GIVE back. His vision is to unite individuals from across the globe in a business adventure, that  creates an impactful community of people who believe everyone has boundless potential.

And you’ve arrived here. Which means, you are one of those people who likely believe what we believe. We change the world when we:

  • Stop complaining and blaming, and start engaging ourselves in addressing a critical challenge we and our world face
  • Build a powerful support community of like-minded friends and colleagues who also are passionate about this challenge
  • Embark on learning all we need to know to transform the problem
  • Commit our body and soul to making life better for ourselves and others

What will you do today?  What can you do right now to address your exhaustion, stress and strain, and move toward a new way of operating in the world that allows you to thrive?

Together, we can make a measurable impact in the Universe. But it starts with YOU.

The 66 Days to FOCUS + LOVE + GIVE is a special kick start to your lifelong involvement in this movement and we have a community in progress NOW! Please join the movement here, and we will send you notifications about our future events.

This special 66 days is our way of giving back and advancing our mission in the world. It’s an opportunity to learn the psychology, the exploration, and the intentional action taken to master your own FOCUS + LOVE + GIVE story – receiving incredible content and hearing LIVE! from Michael weekly.

Fall in love with becoming the best you in 66 days. Do it yourself, with your team, or better yet, be a FOCUS + LOVE + GIVE advocate for your entire organization. Let’s take a stand for the idea that the power of human nature, is that each human’s nature is unique and valuable to the next person. Imagine living in that world.

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