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Hi, it’s Michael Hutchison !

I trust you are remaining optimistic and strong.

In this video, I am going to give you the words to say, and how to say it well, when a prospect asks you:

How can the company afford to pay 2 for 1 Cruise Dollars?

Again, thank you for taking good notes and watching and memorizing these words over and over.

My mentor, Jim Rohn, always used to tell me,

“Michael, repetition is the mother of skill.”

Here is the answer, and the way I want you to explain the answer:

Our two-for-one offer is, in part, made possible because of the negotiated relationships we have with our booking providers COMBINED with our recurring Membership model.

Our innovative, word-of-mouth marketing reduces overhead costs eliminating the heavy investment in traditional advertising and call centers normally associated with booking cruises.

And just leave it at that. Most people will be satisfied with your answer and move on.

If they say,

“Wait, tell me more. I still do not understand.”

What are they really asking?

What they really want to know,

“Is my money safe? Right?”

Here is how you must answer,

With a Strong Yes! Absolutely! Your money is safe...

As long as we continue to:

  1. Add Value
  2. Solve Problems
  3. Attract Good, Honest People To Our Teams
  4. Maintain Our Close Relationship With Our Providers, and
  5. Remain Healthy and Profitable

Your Cruise Dollars are safe and you have a good, long-term business.

Then I would say:

All businesses have a simple operating principle:
“You bring as much money in, and protect the money going out.”

Let's walk through how we, inCruises, bring money in.

We bring money in, through Recurring Membership fees, Partnership fees and Partnership renewal fees.

By the way, inCruises has a 75% Partner renewal. Outstanding!

That means for every 10 Partners you enroll on your team, most likely 7 to 8 of them will stay with you forever!

We bring money through PowerTool Sales. Your Connect video platform, for example.

We, inCruises, earn commissions from the cruise lines when you are going on vacation – we have a joint venture with a booking provider. Our negotiation is private.

We are similar to Netflix, a streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows, movies and documentaries you can watch for one low monthly price.

The owners of Netflix will never tell you the negotiation they have with the TV and movie studios.

So that's how we bring money in. All good?

What do we NOT spend money on?

The biggest expense we don’t have is building cruise ships. What's the cost of one ship? Approximately $950 million US Dollars...for 1 ship! And that is just the cost to build the ship.

That does NOT include the fuel, personnel, ship's captain, food and so much more.

What else do we NOT spend money on?

That's right, advertising and marketing for cruise sailings – the major cruise lines spend $3-5 HUNDRED MILLION US DOLLARS ANNUALLY on advertising with television, newspaper, radio and internet, promoting YOUR product.

When you and your Members go on vacation, do inCruises employees greet you, wait on you, clean up your rooms, feed you and entertain you? They do not!

Do we have call centers with thousands of employees wearing headsets, that handle your cruise reservations over the phone? No again!

We want you to be happy making all your bookings, online.

Do we have BIG offices like the cruise lines? No, we do not!

We do have 4 small offices: in Miami, Madrid Spain, and Andorra. San Juan, Puerto Rico is our Corporate Headquarters.

Where else do we not spend money?

We don’t pay leaders to join our team. We have not paid 1 leader to do so. I am proud that we are 100% organically grown. This will not change.

While we have law firms that represent us globally, we are not involved in any big, expensive litigation.

Please know that if someone harms both of us and our brand, we will fight to protect you! We do not play around. #hutchnoplay

So, does that help you?

When someone asks, how does the company pay for 2 for 1?

Simply say:

It’s what?
A COMBINATION of the recurring membership revenue and protecting the money that goes out.
Can you do that?

Okay, let’s wrap up.

Here is why your offer is so economically irresistible: We REDIRECT the money we would be paying for the building and advertising the product, and instead we pay you for your referrals with a generous compensation plan.

We put you in the profit equation.

When was the last time you were paid to encourage people to go on a luxury vacation?

2 for 1 Cruise Dollars is our cost of doing business.

Your Going on Vacation is our Word-of-Mouth Advertising expense to help build your business and have fun, lots of fun!

When you vacation, you typically tell everyone you know. It is human nature to share the good things in your life with the people you know and care about the most. Am I Right?

Word-of-mouth, so person to person, is THE MOST POWERFUL form of advertising on the planet.

Cruise Dollars are loyalty based so you have money left over when you get back from your vacation.

You have peace of mind, knowing Your money is accumulating for your NEXT vacation for years to come. That's vacation freedom! That’s what everybody wants!

I trust this coaching has been valuable for you as you build your business and help others to See the World!

Thank you for being with us!

I'll talk to you soon.

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