The Final Breakthrough

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The Final Breakthrough

Simple strategies to achieve more success, happiness and well-being in a fun and enlightening way

We are living through an incredible period of challenge and change, unprecedented by anything this generation has known before. But if the changes we’ve all experienced in the past few years have taught us anything, it’s clear that the world is transforming to a new way of working. We’ve all become far more aware of our world shifting gears all around us… which can seem overwhelming at times, too.

That’s why I’ve developed this dynamic workshop that I call “The Final Breakthrough”. In one intense, energy-packed session, you and your team will discover:

  • How to seize this moment in history as the unprecedented opportunity it actually is
  • How to embrace what’s new and what’s coming… even if the outcome is still undefined
  • Why to turn their Focus “inside out” (along with a simple action strategy that works every time)
  • How to let go of the things outside our “circle of influence” (and be twice as effective on those things you CAN control)

The best part is, “The Final Breakthrough” will do more for you and your team than simply show them how to accomplish the company goals you’ve set with them. I will also work with each participant individually, teaching them simple strategies to achieve more success, happiness and well-being in a fun and enlightening way. This session fulfills one of the key outcomes for your leadership, creating a workplace where everyone accepts responsibility for their own success, and for the success of the entire organization.

You know in your heart that all people are capable of discovering and delivering their very best work. I believe that we are all potential break-through leaders, given the tangible opportunity to help our teammates break through along with us.

In fact, when you think back on your own path to achievement, you’ll recognize that ALL business success involves a BREAKTHROUGH of some kind. That’s still true, whether we are seeking to surpass our own perceived limitations… or looking for the breakthrough that generates loyalty and an engaged, long-term relationship with our fellow team members and clients.

Picture this…

One of the keys to lasting success in business is breaking through with your own team members. In general, I have found that people rarely resist their own ideas. So to actually make a change happen, your team needs to retain some control of their activities and outcomes. When each team member feels a sense of control over their individual responsibilities, they take ownership of their results too.

Effectively, they see themselves as breakthrough leaders!

To enable this experience in a fast-track workshop setting, “The Final Breakthrough” is designed as a one-of-a-kind presentation for igniting the energy and true leadership potential in every participant. You can actually see the changes happening on each person’s face. They gain a new appreciation for their impact on others. And each person learns to recognize the genuine difference they can make in their own achievements, as well as those of their entire group.

“The Final Breakthrough” session creates a fresh and exciting vision of leadership that includes:

  • Igniting your team’s spirit — with a strategy for sustaining their enthusiasm long after the workshop is complete
  • Being fully present — the key to true connection, balance and outstanding achievement
  • Surprising and powerful essentials to recognition and appreciation (that may revolutionize the way you inspire your employees with reward programs and bonuses)

This workshop is a blast! I’ve personally led this workshop more than fifty times, and it’s always a thrill to watch the results. As every single participant achieves their own personal breakthrough, the team develops clarity and solidifies relationships that could never form in a regular work environment. People who previously had difficulty working together are working together more closely than ever before, moving from abrasive to embracive. From conditional to unconditional.

Here is a key point I’ve learned after twenty-five years in business: “People resist change and resist being changed. What they really want is progress and results.” And that’s exactly what this session offers.

In short, you will be astounded as you witness how this event builds trust, teamwork and total commitment throughout your team. Igniting team spirit is the ultimate in employee motivation and enhanced productivity in your entire organization. Remember, when people focus on catching others “doing things right” — ANYTHING is possible!

“The Final Breakthrough” program is often added to other keynotes to create full attendee engagement in an extraordinary half-day to full-day session. As the perfect closing event, I guarantee I will bring out the best in your team! Rarely does that happen without a system to follow and a coach to bring it out of you. I guarantee your team will be talking about this experience for weeks afterwards! Finally, these trainings will pay for themselves many times over.


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