The 5 Keys to Personal Best Performance

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The 5 Keys to Personal Best Performance

How immersion and accelerated learning will take you and your team to the next level

The capacity to learn is one of life’s most rewarding skills. And discovering how to pack a double-dose of accelerated learning into each waking moment magnifies your rewards, simply and automatically.

Michael “Hutch” Hutchison, one of the world’s leading authorities on personal development and an insightful, sought-after training coach to business leaders worldwide, is now offering his “5 Keys to Personal Best Performance” sessions for your own personal development.

In “5 Keys to Personal Best Performance,” Hutch shares the real meaning of Personal Best Performance (PBP). From there, he outlines how you can achieve it, and how to apply PBP towards building your personal and professional dreams.

Plus, he shares applicable strategies for strengthening and accelerating anyone’s learning speed and power. If you’re eager to increase your learning potential, ratchet up your productivity, and even teach others to do the same, Hutch communicates life lessons in a vivid, completely original, and entertaining format. Along the way, you’ll be locking critical performance-enhancing concepts into your mind’s DNA to make your own “Personal Best Performance” as natural as breathing.

Are you ready for this?

When you experience the “5 Keys to Personal Best Performance” program, you’ll enjoy a wholly interactive and fun session that ingeniously uses juggling as an icon for “learning how to learn.” You’ll join in as Michael demonstrates how “learning to juggle” literally and metaphorically helps you become better at what you do, both in business and in life.

You see, as we struggle to get more done in less time… to balance our work and our personal life… and to adapt to constant change around us… we often feel that we’re “juggling with too many balls.” Hutch shows you how to keep all those balls in the air, starting with the workshop’s very first paradigm-exploding lesson.

During this program, you’ll discover how to:

  • Develop the identity, attributes and qualities of champions
  • Manage complexity and actually THRIVE on chaos… gracefully keeping a number of things “up in the air” at the same time.
  • Manage your identity, thoughts and emotions simply and effectively… transforming yourself into a true champion who’s ready to lead the field
  • Approach mistakes creatively and constructively by learning to “let the balls drop.”
  • Access each of the “mental readiness tools” in your tool kit on a moment’s notice… so you come out on top in any situation
  • Employ genuine teamwork to create a cooperative learning environment
  • Respond to any situation instantly and easily by “acting your way into good thinking”… rather than “thinking your way into good action”
  • Learn anything you desire… authoritatively and with astonishing speed and clarity
  • Match, mirror and model the insider secrets of professional athletes and successful leaders… using their proven methods to repeat your outstanding performances more consistently than anyone else you know
  • Apply the same principles of accelerated learning you’re discovering in your own real-life situations, becoming a more effective coach for your colleagues, team members, family, and friends.
  • Squelch the negative and doubtful self-talk that is the most common performance-killer of even the best champions
  • Juggle! (yes, really!)

By using Hutch’s own “Direct Immersion” technique, this dynamic, interactive and rewarding program will guide you to actually improve your own learning abilities. You’ll soon find yourself embracing change, and discover your own steadfast resilience in the face of adversity. At the same time, you’ll have a ball as you learn how to juggle!

Here’s an example…

You may be surprised to find out that the first lesson in juggling is… “Let the ball drop.”

And as you start out with this first counter-intuitive lesson, Michael offers proven methods that any organization can use to create a “mistake positive” culture. It’s an important foundation to generate, given today’s hurried pace and the blinding speed of information blazing past us. But with this simple tweak to our thinking, any business can flourish and succeed by setting the stage for learning, growth, and innovation in the workplace. This exercise makes it real for you… but you have to actually experience it to understand the far-reaching effects of the lesson.

In summary, the “5 Keys to Personal Best Performance,” program creates a fun, cooperative learning environment for accelerated learning and conceptual mastery. Participants are actively developing their own moves, coaching one another in the art of juggling, and picking up the balls for each other as they drop! In the process, participants quickly integrate core principles of accelerated learning and organizational high performance into their day-to-day actions, shifting their progress into high gear from that day forward.

I guarantee I will bring out the best in your team! Rarely does that happen without a system to follow and a coach to bring it out of you. I guarantee your team will be talking about this experience for weeks afterwards! Finally, these trainings will pay for themselves many times over.

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