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How to Present, Persuade and Win More Deals

Sitting there in the lobby couch, you are breaking out in a cold sweat…

Everything depends on how well you do, and what you know is that you….aren’t….ready, your presentation isn’t good enough, you’re somehow not making your points the way you want to make them, they’re not clear, they’re not sufficiently persuasive.

Oh man! —You’re going to embarrass your entire company, fail to close the bid, mess up the biggest contract of your life, maybe lose your job and your livelihood because your gut and every nerve in your whole body is shouting at you that you are not…ready, that your presentation isn’t good enough.

The awful drilling into your skull that your presentation is a dull data dump totally inadequate and that you …

You are going to fail….

If you have ever suffered such anxieties as these, come to the Speaking Mastery Intensive Boot Camp.

Make Things Happen,


Classic investor and sales pitches ultimately come down to a presentation of some kind. But watch out…

Because whether you’re dealing one-on-one, or in a meeting… talking with a prospect in person, or on the phone… or even using the unprecedented reach of webinar and online video technologies to contact your audience…

There’s a problem with classic presentation model that’s built in from the start. And it comes from the way we all think.

Why would I say that?

To illustrate, let me show you a few facts. According to a recent survey of NON-buyers/investors following a sales presentation/investor pitch:

  • 78% said presentations are “boring” data dumps
  • 63% said they tune out after eight minutes
  • 44% said presentations are a waste of time

In fact, ONLY 17% said that presentations persuade them to take any action at all!

Now I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to persuade people to do ANYTHING if you are boring to listen to, even if it’s in their best interest to follow up on your suggestions. If your presentation lacks a clear outcome… doesn’t engage your listener… or fails to ask for a commitment, it won’t produce results beyond a lukewarm reception or the dreaded “We’ll think about it and get back to you” response you’ve heard too many times already.

To be blunt, that won’t begin to help you hit your numbers this month or have access to capital. Besides, you know you can do much better than that… with a little help from a world-renowned sales and performance master and coach.

That’s why “Speaking Mastery Intensive Boot Camp” was created. This hands-on and fun seminar — specially designed for sales leaders and business owners — is strategically constructed to help you achieve consistently better results with your presentations. In particular, you will learn essential strategies for persuading clients to take action on your offer. To close more deals, more often.

Here’s why…

Michael “Hutch” Hutchison has developed his results-proven sales system from decades of real-world, toe-to-toe and platform-based selling and money raising experience. Recognizing his unique, driven approach, world-famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins hired Hutch as his VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing from 1987-1995.



“Michael Hutchison consistently holds himself to a high standard. I feel blessed by our relationship.”

Tony Robbins 

– Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist, World Authority on Leadership Psychology

During that time, Hutch and his team did well over 5200 persuasive presentations, amassing a wealth of sales feedback and analysis that many organizations are never exposed to. Promoting Tony’s live events in the US, UK, Singapore and Australia, he led the company to highly visible, record growth for years, taking Robbins Research International from a start-up organization to a world-renowned influence superpower.

Since then, Hutch has gone on to create several industry-leading organizations, including his current companies, the Immersive Training Network and CommunityLeader, Inc. With ITN, his mission is simply to help companies to grow their revenue. And in his typical “think big to grow bigger” fashion, Hutch’s successful system combines the training content of industry leading experts from all over the planet, offering you access to profit-boosting technologies that up-to-date salespeople and executives use every day. At CommunityLeader, his business helps emerging businesses get funded. CommunityLeader is an equity-based Crowdfunding platform that matches emerging companies with prospective investors.

So how does this help you, exactly?

If your livelihood depends on raising money or keeping your sales-closing ratios up in spite of the so-called “new economy” we’re living in, you know it’s critical to stay on the cutting edge of effective persuasion and presentation techniques. Anything less, and your competitors have already won.

That’s why, going beyond his insider-circle exposure to some of this generation’s most influential persuasion masters, Hutch has refined his investor and sales approach to include what’s working now, with today’s sophisticated investors/buyers. After all, if you’re a serious student of how the mind works, you can’t help but pick up an astonishing amount of insight into “persuasion on purpose” when you run in these circles.

More importantly, Hutch has distilled his unique investor/sales approach to the essential, easy-to-master structure that produces results today. And through his experience with coaching hundreds of members of his sales team in real-world presentations — Hutch has developed his persuasive teaching approach into a science.

Fortunately, it’s a method he can teach you, too.

“Michael Hutchison will help anyone who needs to present and persuade in front of any audience look like and deliver like a pro. The step-by-step manner in which you’ve laid out the process is awesome! I certainly will be using many of the techniques you laid out so simply.”

John Assaraf

New York Times Best selling Author, The Answer and Having It All.

Featured in The blockbuster movie and book The Secret.

CEO, PraxisNow

Taking an expansive skill set that very few people can lay claim to, Hutch has developed the “Speaking Mastery Intensive Boot Camp” around his singular abilities for coaching others. With laser-targeted precision, he’ll show you how to develop your presentation skills to be the best you can be in any sales situation.

You see, Hutch believes that when you understand how the mind actually works, it’s easy to master the art and science of persuasive presentations. You’ll develop a virtually automatic capacity to inspire your team, your customers and everyone in your life to take action on your proposals, your offers and your suggestions. Confidently, fearlessly and with the precise results you expect, you’ll discover how to improve your speaking, your presentations and your business results.

That’s because, in this unique interactive seminar, Hutch has perfected an easy-to-duplicate system that helps you generate confidence, overcome fears and self-doubt, and tell your sales story more effectively. As you already know, you must be able to tell your personal story, your company story and the story of your product or service with passion and precision if you hope to communicate effectively. And to produce results that far exceed the average.

If you make your living as a business owner or professional salesperson, consider this:

  • Will your presentation compel your audiences to take action… or banish them to apathy and indecision?
  • When was the last time you recorded your sales presentation LIVE — and watched it through your prospect’s eyes?

If you are responsible for generating sales every day, you can’t surpass your sales goals and the unprecedented challenges of today’s marketplace with mere basics of persuasion anymore. In fact, you need a deeper understanding of how the mind works, if you ever hope to increase your sales with effective influence in this new economy.

You’ve seen it yourself. Many salespeople today are working harder than ever, yet closing fewer deals and getting by on less income. Why is that?

“You’re an AWESOME man. Thanks again!”

T. Harv Eker – #1 NYT Best-Selling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind


Because like the woodcutter who swings twice as hard and works twice as long, you can’t cut down more trees with a dull saw! In the same way, it’s critical to keep your presentation skills sharp by refreshing your tactics — putting the proven approaches of industry-leading sales teams to work for you, too.

After all, your customers only recognize your company — and decide whether to buy or not — based on their personal contact with you as the organization’s representative. So it’s crucial to differentiate yourself in the marketplace today by refining your presentation and speaking abilities, and to do so consistently.

And if you’re responsible for leading or managing a sales team, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you confident that your people are prepared with the necessary presentation skills to be the best they can be?
  • What are you and your sales team doing to keep improving their most important presentation skills?
  • When was the last time you recorded yourself LIVE in front of your team, to see and hear yourself as they do?

For that last question, I’m going to guess the answer is probably never! And even if you have, do you ever go back to review it and target the areas where you could improve your presentation results even more?

Don’t worry, the solution is simple.

Like a mirror, it’s right in front of you.

At this career-changing half-day, one-day or two-day workshop, you will be video-taped and reviewed at each step of the course. With Hutch’s experience-laden coaching and personal guidance, you will know exactly what areas to target with your sales presentation as you prepare it — improve it – practice it – review it – and OWN it.

Plus, when all is said and done, you will leave this session armed with the tools and the mindset to create sustainable and persuasive impact. To create the exceptional results you’ll be prepared to duplicate for the rest of your career and beyond.

Remember, as a leader, you are constantly being judged by how well you speak – usually in the first eight seconds or less! Whether you are conducting a meeting, doing a training session or addressing a group of your peers at your convention, you are under the magnifying glass as your prospects look to you for answers they’re willing to spend their money on.

How much is it costing you by leaving your persuasive communication to chance? Without the precision of this step-by-step selling system on your side, you could be repeating the same profit-killing errors derailing almost 83% of average sales presentations.

Imagine how much more effective and profitable you and your team will be once you’ve mastered the distinctions between presentation and persuasion!

When you experience the “Speaking Mastery Intensive Boot Camp“, you’ll discover:

  • Systematic Approach: How to consistently feel, perform and be at your best in every presentation
  • How to get your audience to take action on your offer
  • How to clarify a written outcome for each presentation — and communicate it with precision and impact
  • How to connect and engage with each audience member (you’ll love how easy this is!)
  • A simple exercise to release your fears and anxieties before every presentation — in seconds
  • How to design persuasive, relevant, & compelling content your audience wants to hear — right down to the last word
  • How to stand apart from your competition… and close more sales without any extra effort
  • How to deliver every presentation you make with power and persuasion
  • How to sustain a series of interesting, connected conversations within a group… without missing a beat!
  • How to use variations in your speaking pace, pitch and volume to galvanize your audience’s attention
  • Be measured by your leadership presence: How you talk and present your service, product, company and cause.
  • Be able to sell anyone on your way of thinking and move your audience to take action towards your desired outcome.
  • Design masterful presentations that are customized to your audience’s needs.
  • Deliver every presentation with power and persuasion.
  • Receive expert practical instruction and opportunities for you to be on your feet presenting.
  • Receive a valuable take-home workbook and reference materials — including a copy of Speaking Mastery – The 7 Keys to Delivering High Impact Presentations

As you can see, Speaking Mastery Intensive Boot Camp gives you far more than a simple lecture or audio course ever could. With hands-on exercises and real-time coaching and feedback, you will learn and retain the system by doing, not just listening.

The best part is, you’ll see how effective this session is right before your eyes… watching your improvements on video like your favorite all-star instant replay. And your learning continues to expand with each exercise, as your presentation is video-taped and played back for your instant review, analysis and feedback along with Hutch’s guided coaching.

Due to the interactive nature of the class, space is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Individual coaching is available.


Taking correct and decisive action is a core determinant of your success. So to reward your team for registering for Speaking Mastery Intensive Boot Camptoday, you’ll also receive these BONUS tools to speed you along on your path to persuasion mastery:

  • Up to two days of insightful, hands on, personalized coaching from Hutch
  • Your own step-by-step interactive workbook, so you can record your notes right next to each section guide. In addition, your workbook is packed with additional tips and strategies you can use after your session is complete.
  • Your own copy of Michael Hutchison’s top-selling book “Speaking Mastery – The 7 Keys to Delivering High Impact Presentations (Morgan James 2008), popularly reviewed as “the best kept secret in public speaking” and personally signed by Hutch
  • A digital recording of your progress through the course and your video-taped presentations, so you can see yourself through your prospect’s eyes and spot the specific areas you need to work on. Even better, this will also allow you to review your presentation style and catch yourself at your best! This recording will be invaluable for continuing self-instruction at home and the office.

As you can see, “Speaking Mastery Intensive Boot Camp” gives you far more than a simple lecture or audio course ever could. With hands-on exercises and real-time coaching and feedback, you will learn and retain the system by doing, not just listening.

I guarantee I will bring out the best in your team! Rarely does that happen without a system to follow and a coach to bring it out of you. I guarantee your team will be talking about this experience for weeks afterwards! Finally, these trainings will pay for themselves many times over.

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