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Get Michael's book now: Improve your presentation skills and overcome your fears

Have you ever stood up to speak but your mind went blank? Or perhaps, started to speak and nothing came out? Michael “Hutch” Hutchison knows exactly how that feels. He also knows that no matter how successful and knowledgeable you may be in your chosen field, standing up and giving a talk can still be incredibly nerve-wracking. Speaking Mastery: The 7 Keys to Delivering High Impact Presentations is based on his own personal experience delivering over 1400 presentations and having made all the mistakes one can make.

For the past twenty years, Hutch has taught thousands of people all over the world to improve their presentation skills and overcome their fears. “With millions of PowerPoint presentations given every day in corporate America alongside sermons, lectures, press conferences, sales presentations, school board meetings, courtroom trials, and marketing meetings, while memorable, are probably not as focused, to-the-point, and as interesting to hear as they can and should be,” he says.

In Speaking Mastery, Michael Hutchison provides practical ideas, techniques, and principles on how to say what you want and how to say it well. Using his Speaking Mastery System™, you will learn specific strategies that will allow you to deliver presentations that get the results you desire, while creating a lasting impact on your audiences, including how to:

  •     Become mentally prepared to give a speech
  •     Eliminate fear, nervousness, stage fright, and sweaty palms
  •     Get your colleagues and audience to listen and trust what you are saying
  •     Stand apart from your competition and close more sales
  •     Consistently perform at your personal best in every presentation;
  •     Sell anyone on your way of thinking and move your audience to take action towards your desired outcome
  •     Use advanced memorization techniques for last minute presentations

Speaking Mastery also draws from the expertise of some of best speakers and leaders in the world, including Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les brown, John Gray, Deepak Chopra, Peter Lynch, Harvey Mackay and General Norman Schwarzkopf, among others. They share the secrets of how they mastered expressing their thoughts and talents with clarity, compassion and humor.

If you ever have to give a presentation, Speaking Mastery: The 7 Keys to Delivering High Impact Presentations will not only inspire you but show you exactly how to make measurable improvements as a speaker and leader.

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