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Praise For Michael “HUTCH” HutchISON:

Michael’s a super moderator and interviewer. We chose him to be our host of CredibilityLIVE because of his intellect, credibility and desire to evoke information from a panel/interviewee directly relevant to the audience. Hutch’s preparation is evident by the quality of his questions. He asks smart questions, is sociable in a way that enables him to bring about great conversation between panelists, and he isn’t afraid to ask challenging questions in the mix. If you’re seeking a moderator or speaker for your conference, I believe you’d be making a wise choice in selecting “Hutch.” He will prove to be a wonderful asset to anyone planning a conference or event.”

Judy Hackett – Chief Marketing Officer, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.

Michael does an excellent job in presenting these skills in an easy to understand and appealing method. Great job!!!”

Don Houston – Senior Vice President, Sales Plantronics, Inc.


Michael Hutchison consistently holds himself to a high standard. I feel blessed by our relationship.”

Tony Robbins – Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist, World Authority on Leadership Psychology

Thanks for the interview this morning. I especially appreciate the time you took in giving me a quick run-through on the first few questions so as not to catch me “cold” and not make me look like the proverbial deer caught in the Skype headlights. That was helpful. You asked very thought-provoking questions as well—and listened to the answers, something that many hosts fail to do. I appreciated that also, and hope the responses will be insightful to your audience. All the best for your continued success!”

Dianna Booher – #1 Amazon Bestseller Sales: Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader – Author of 45 books, published in 26 countries and 20 languages

You’re an AWESOME man. Thanks again!”

T. Harv Eker – #1 NYT Best-Selling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Hutch is a fabulous speaker and wowed our crowd at Virgin Charter with his insights and anecdotes in the workplace. He is a natural interviewer with authenticity, charisma, and positive energy. He can genuinely connect with any audience. He brings to the table an extraordinary amount of knowledge, passion and insight.”

Scott Duffy – CEO, Virgin Charter


Michael Hutchison will help anyone who needs to present and persuade in front of any audience look like and deliver like a pro. The step-by-step manner in which you’ve laid out the process is awesome! I certainly will be using many of the techniques you laid out so simply.”

John Assaraf – Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Founder of Praxis Now

I heard the interview today went beautifully… I hope you felt the same! Thanks again, you are wonderful to work with!!”

Jennifer Fleming – Senior PR Director, TallGrass Public Relations

Thank you for speaking at Leadership Institute 2011. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and got so much out of it — and had fun too! We are so grateful for your time and talents.”

Nicole Farmer Hurd, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director of the National College Advising Corps with headquarters at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I just want to say thank you for all the expert advice you instilled upon me over the last couple of days. We got together yesterday afternoon and gave 5-10 minute presentations on a topic of our choice. I chose to do Chipotle Mexican Grill for various reasons. I was not the only one in my group to think that I definitely had one of the best presentations. My manager chris told me “there is little difference between normal Doug and presentation Doug.” I was very confident, funny, informative and interactive with the audience. I feel much better about my ability from the front of the room after 2 short days. I owe a majority of that to you, So i just want to say thanks again! Hopefully we run into each other again somewhere down the road.Please let me know if there is ever anyway i can help you out and repay the debt!
Your #1 most improved student

Praise For Speaking Mastery

Effective communication is a key to success in all aspects of life. High- impact presentations are critical to success in business. In Speaking Mastery, Michael provides simple, highly effective tools to help you excel when talking with target audiences. Practice these techniques and perform with confidence!”

Bruce W. Simmons – Chairman of the Board Saint Joseph’s Health System

Michael Hutchison understands preparation and simplicity. Public speaking can be terrifying or just plain boring. It should be neither. Speaking Mastery breaks it down to a few essentials that will fit on an index card. Hit them and hit an audience where it lives. By the way, I’ve just adopted that 4-7-8 breathing technique in my workouts, and I use it to make time in Atlanta traffic halfway worthwhile.”

Dick Williams – Columnist, Atlanta Business Chronicle Host of Fox TV’s Georgia Gang

Fantastic! Speaking Mastery knocks the ball out of the park for anyone looking to develop their presentation skills in front of clients. The Speaking Mastery system is highly effective and cutting edge. It’s practical, clear, and Hutch gives you the tools you need to move from opening your talk through closing, every step of the way. I will purchase several copies for my group.”

Kelly Carbone – Partner, Director of Client Service and Marketing DePrince, Race & Zollo, Inc.

Having worked for the past decade with Jim Rohn and Denis Waitley, considered by many to be two of the very best speakers ever, I was excited to read your book. Speaking Mastery is by far one of the best books I’ve come across for both the novice and the experienced speaker. This book is full of practical exercises and specific recommendations to help you improve as a public speaker. I highly recommend you read and apply their techniques.”

Kyle Wilson – President Jim Rohn International/Your Success Store, Inc.

Excellent!! Reads very well and I like the fact that the style is forceful (i.e., this is how you do it and this is how it works). I like that!! A lot of people are thrust into speaking every so often (read: me), and those occasions really matter, as you may not get a second chance!! The lessons in this book will certainly help a lot. From the outset, it should be obvious to all readers that the writer is speaking from vast experience and trial and error. This is very appealing, especially to the younger audience reading your work…. Well done and Thank You!”

Roger Daly – Managing Director at Gleacher and Co.

GREAT points and suggestions! Inspiring leaders must possess great platform-speaking skills. They are one of the essential ingredients used to mobilize followers and move nations and markets. This book tells readers how to develop those skills.”

Stephen X. Graham – President CrossHill Financial Group

Fabulously fabulous!!!… Very creative… funny and visually stimulating! Whether you are a seasoned speaker or a tongue-tied novice, you will greatly benefit from the creative and engaging approach of Speaking Mastery. Hutch is passionate and professional in his presentation of this outstanding material. By adapting his methods that incorporate both humor and visually appealing tools, you too will soon become a master of speaking.”

Debra Marie Zaslav – Executive Recruiter Georgetown University Alumni Board of Governors President Orange County, CA

Whether you have the gift of the gab or not, there are a number of absolute essentials to getting the most out of every important speech, pitch, presentation or dialogue in life. What I particularly like about Speaking Mastery is that it focuses very effectively on those essentials, offering the reader many innovative and valuable techniques in the preparation and execution of a presentation event. This book will help you to master the tangibles and the intangibles, as well as the mental and physical elements of public speaking. Well trousered, Hutch!”

Andy McCartney – Vice President of Marketing Invirtus, Inc.

What a solid and easy read! Speaking Mastery brims with enthusiasm and has many great ideas to improve even a polished presenter’s game. Hutch’s personality shines through like the great professor you never got in college. Buy this book for everyone on your team!”

David Ficca – CEO Baltimore Life

This book is the perfect tool to help a lawyer preparing to speak to a jury, a businesswoman gearing up for a big presentation or even a best man practicing a wedding speech. It’s a great resource to keep on your bookshelf and refer to time and time again!”

Alexandria Kane – Corporate Attorney Georgetown University Alumni Board of Governors Chair, Career Services Committee

Speaking Mastery provides everything you need to deliver top-notch presentations, in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide. Whether you are a seasoned speaker or a neophyte, this book will be your go-to guide for delivering quality presentations every time. Destined to become your can’t-live-without resource for delivering top-notch presentations. Hutch provides everything you need in a step-by-step, easy- to-follow guide. Practice what they teach and watch your speaking business soar.”

Jan Jones – President Jan Jones Worldwide Speakers Bureau

As a financial advisor, former college football coach, and Marine Corps officer, I know the value of having a commanding presence when explaining important things to your clients (or your defensive backs). Hutch skillfully guides readers through the process of developing and refining a confident and comfortable presentation style. I’m proud to know them and to see how dedicated they are to their craft and to inspiring others. Speaking Mastery is a must read.”

Dan Droze – Vice President, Financial Advisor

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a real estate executive, this book will help you be an effective presenter. This book is so insightful, reading it feels like having a personal coach. Read this book before you need it, or you’ll never be as good as you can be.”

Rory S. Coakley – President Rory S. Coakley Realty, Inc.

I love these types of books! Speaking Mastery contains several presentation approaches that I plan to incorporate into my company’s sales process. Speaking Mastery is a book my sales team will definitely review and use. Thank you!”

Brad Mack – Vice President, Transera

If you dislike having to attend and/or lead meetings, like us, then this book is just the solution. [It] shows you how to communicate with others in far less time with far more impact. And get a ton more done in the process!”

Bill and Mary Staton – Co-authors, Worry-Free Family Finances Publishers of the annual America’s Finest Companies investment directory

Fabulous! Hutch’s passion and infectious enthusiasm shine through in this wonderful collection of speaking pointers. Everyone can improve their public speaking, and this book is a real help. Bravo to my fellow Hoya!”

Ted McMullan – President, Covington Investments, LLC President Emeritus, The Georgetown Club of Georgia

I found this book highly valuable and to the point. In fact I recently put many of the concepts to practice when I presented at Speechtek — our industry-wide trade show and conference.”

Bob Cooper – Voice Portal Chief Architect Avaya

This is a must read for everyone in the business world, as the focus on “Believing in yourself and message,” “Self-Confidence,” and the need to “Deliver to your Audience” is critical to every worker. Face it, everyone is in sales and must present, whether it is an idea or important information internally, or if you are trying to get that big sale or deliver the presentation of your life, the teaching and tools in Speaking Mastery will enable much success.”

Michael O’Keefe – President O’Keefe Holding Group, LLC

I highly recommend Speaking Mastery to anyone who is presently or considering public speaking as a powerful tool to create their vision. Speaking Mastery is easily put into action for great results and will empower any presenter to rise to new heights of successful communication! Practice these tools and techniques, and reap the rewards.”

Karen Winter – Author, What Would Love Do Now?

Speaking Mastery is just what a good presentation should be… interesting and to the point…light and humorous, and leads the audience to a point that they want to get to… Neither a speaker nor an audience wants to be bored, they want to enjoy the ride. Hutch’s book gives insightful ways and tips that will make your next presentation better for everyone in the room.”

Michael Boland – President Boland Real Estate Services

Fantastic! I’ve read the book a couple times. I really like it, and this book should be required reading for any professional who makes effective presentations to audiences, large or small. It provides simple and compelling advice on how to prepare, deliver, review, and refine your presentation. It’s as close to a personal speaking coach as you will find.”

Tim Moynihan – Vice President, Global Marketing at Empirix

Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed the read. My biggest takeaway was your collective enthusiasm for the topic! The energy in the work is palpable and you cannot help but get swept up into it…well done. More than anything, I got the sense YOU WERE SPEAKING RIGHT AT ME AND I COULD HEAR YOU… Simple things: smile, paint a picture, speak to individual people in a room… They are all super important but so often overlooked or not employed at all. Your book does a very good job of sweeping all these together in a digestible manner.”

Dean J. Patenaude – Managing Director at Artisan Partners

Hutch is quality people, and you will see that quality reflected in this work. It’s a short and fun read with some real jewels of wisdom. Speaking Mastery will provide you a compelling how-to guide and will raise your level of competence and confidence. If you are a business leader you understand that knowing how to make an effective presentation is critical to your success. I recommend that you leverage your knowledge with this book and become better at what you do.”

Mark Meyerdirk – Principal – General Counsel at IRR Corporate & Public Finance, LLC

Congratulations! Speaking Mastery is a winner! You have taken what is often a very intimidating and emotionally draining task—public speaking and presentation—and provided helpful and easy to accomplish training and preparation techniques that will make anyone who follows them a success. Personally over the years I have taken several public speaking courses and seminars, and I can honestly say that none of them succeeded in enumerating the necessary skill sets to become a proficient speaker in as nearly a user-friendly and easy to learn manner as you have been able to outline in this book.”

Mark J. Siskin – Attorney at Law ZION, TARLETON & SISKIN, P.C.

Speaking Mastery is a book anyone can learn from. The depth of information and techniques will solidify anyone as a master speaker. This is a book that should be taught at the university level. Every business school in the nation could benefit from this book. After reading this book, you will be prepared to present yourself and your product to one person or thousands. This book will increase your sales and overall attitude towards business and people. I will make sure all of my brokers get a copy of this book.”

Brian D. Wray – President Wray Realty

This is a fitness program for speaking! The more you do the better you feel! Speaking Mastery is an excellent practical guide to both measure where you are, and to drive improvements in speaking. I can already see in many of the exercises specific attributes which will help anyone, and specifically me. It’s like a Time-Life book—it tells you, shows you, and compels you to do the exercises. I will keep this front and center in my library.”

Rusty Cone – President Alliance Systems

Clear, concise, and high-impact presentations are necessary for every business executive, sales professional, and school teacher in today’s fast- moving world. Hutch provides simple tools to draw on quickly in order to maximize the return on all speaking efforts.”

George Attila Gulyas – Vice President Global Options, Inc.

This is great! I like the way it flows so quickly! This book is more about DOING than it is about READING. Lots of books on public speaking give great advice, but this is the first one I’ve read that’s so engaging you can’t wait to put it down and start practicing. For many people that can be a lot easier than asking for feedback from friends and colleagues. This book WORKS because it makes you WANT to practice its advice until you get better and better.”

John Hibel – VP Marketing Contact Solutions, Inc.

Nice work! Practical, actionable techniques for becoming a better presenter and a more effective leader. Hutch‘s style—positive and passionate—makes this book not just very useful, but engaging and enjoyable.”

Dan Price – Director Xtone Networks

This is a great book and should be read by anyone with the need or desire to speak to an audience, large or small. It will help conquer our number one fear — speaking in public. It is well written, concise, and effective! Kudos Hutch!”

Daniel Kecman – Client Manager IBM Global Government Industry